Life Members:

Since our clubs inception in 1956 there have been a variety of personalities involved with the St George Spearfishing Club. This page is intended to pay tribute to members who have made a contribution either to the sport of spearfishing or to our club.

Each year at our AGM members have the opportunity to nominate current or previous members for inclusion as a Life Member. Life Membership entitles those to continual membership without payment of annual fees (unless currently fishing competitions)

                                                        Ron Taylor

Ron is the only world champion spearfisherman ever produced by Australia. Ron is also well known for his underwater photography and movies.

                                                    Valerie Taylor

Besides being the wife of Ron Taylor, Valerie was an accomplished spearo in her own right. Valerie was Australian Ladies Champion for many years throughout the 1960's. However, she is probably best known for her conservation works, particularly with sharks.

Ben Cropp

Ben is considered one of the world's leading underwater photographers. Ben was an active spearfisherman and member of St George throughout the 1960's before moving to north Queensland.

Wally Gibbins

Wally was one of the founding members of the club and proud owner of the former club flagship the Dragon Boat. Wally devoted his life to spearfishing and underwater exploration and was involved in the recovery of countless wrecks and merchandise.

Merv Sheehan

One of our longest members spearfishing until his early 70's. Merv stepped down as club president in 2003 after nearly 36 years. He has dedicated his life to ensuring the rights of spearfishermen across Australia.

Roger Shepard

Roger began spearfishing as a 10 year old in 1955 at Lake Macquire with a stick and 2 six inch nails. By 1966 (pictured) his spearfishing had improved with this massive Kingfish. Throughout the 1960's Roger captured many hours of underwater footage including early Alliman Shields.

Sue Dockar

Sue is one of Australia's finest female spearo's. Sue has dedicated her life to spearfishing and underwater hockey and is heavily involved with the Australian Underwater Federation. A book "The Lonely Sea" was written about Sue’s extraordinary true adventure of how she survived for two days and two nights lost alone at sea after being swept away during a spear fishing contest in the shark-infested waters off the Queensland coast.

Kevin Walker

Kevin is a long time St George member showing he's still got it with this nice 4.5kg crayfish taken from the Bunker group in 2005.

Ben Allen

Ben has been a loyal member of St George since the 1980’s. Here he is pictured with a nice Samson fish taken in Western Australia while representing NSW at the Australian titles in 1983. Ben is still an active competitor in the Alliman Shield.

Col Boomer

Col started diving at the age of ten in the Hastings River in Wauchope before joining the club in 1963. He used to dive with the late Wally Gibbins and Steve Duffy. Col won the Alliman Shield three times and won the NSW State Championships twice.

Code of Conduct:

As responsible spearfishes and users of the ocean environment all St George Spearfishing Club members abide by the USFA Code of Conduct:

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In addition to the code of conduct, St George Spearfishing Club recommends all members read the USFA “Guide to Spearfishing in NSW” This comprehensive guide book covers many topics from safety to spearfishing tips. Please take the time to educate yourself and become a better spearfisherman!

About Us:

The St George Spearfishing and Freediving Club started back in 1956 and was one of the first spearfishing clubs in Australia. We always welcome new members and meet from 6:30pm on the 3rd Monday of every month at:

Sutherland District Trade Union Club

57 Manchester Road


(some members have drinks/dinner earlier in the bistro from 6pm, all welcome. The kids club is open for members for $3)