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Juniors Show The Old Blokes How It's Done

The day started as our first effort to target some Dolphinfish off Sydney. We got to the FAD at about 10am and were immediately approached by a fisheries patrol boat checking fishing licenses. Everything in order Michael and Leigh jumped in for a look. Nice and clear but just a small school of small dollies. Michael returned with a small Dolphinfish and a good-sized unicorn jacket.

After some bottom fishing we returned to the coastline where the visibility all but vanished. Old hands Laurie and friend Lann having the wisdom of the ages realized that there was not much point in diving in such crappy conditions, young guns Leigh Baggot and Michael Takach could not be talked out of it and jumped in for a look at their now new secret spot at Long Bay.

Laurie and Lann sit in the boat discussing the young guys inexperience and how silly they where for getting in the water. Obviously no one could catch fish in such conditions. After about an hour we figured the boys would have had enough and we pick them up. Leigh turns up with 2 kingys one 11kg and one 4kg, Michael’s got a stud Black Drummer and a big Red Rock Cod.

It was a nice day out but I think the writing is on the wall…

Sydney FAD marks are…



By Laurie O'Grady.

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