St George Sea Dragons


A.U.F. & Club Forms

Join the St George Dragons today and be swept away with this overwhelming sport, enjoy what the ocean has to offer & experience things some people will never experience. Spearfishing is very selective & has no by-catch. Learn different species behaviors & use that knowledge to your hunting advantage. Come along to a club meeting & speak with experienced divers willing to help you become a better spearfisherman. Join the club on social days & join in on an experience you’ll never forget. Take part in competitions spanning all along the NSW coastline, there are no age restrictions so join now, you won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or on 0416 937 121.

To compete in any spearfishing competitions or register a record fish in NSW you have to be a member of the Australian Underwater Federation.

Download - A.U.F. Form.doc

In addition to joining the A.U.F. you will need to fill out a club membership form.

Download - Membership Form.doc