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My 1st Kingy - Jan 30th, 2004

The day started out with bluewater, a few mowies, nothing out of the ordinary. I wasn't doing to well until my last dive. Apon entering the water I was greeted with millions of yellowtail, they were thick on the surface, all I could think was "kingys."

I hung around the school waiting for something to show up, a small rat king swam past letting me know they were around. Laurie wanted to try my RA so I swapped him for his Kes with a pranger.

I passed up the opportunity to shoot lots of decent fish as I didn't want to have an unloaded gun when "that fish" swims past. I saw three huge kings cruising around near the bottom of the school, I was so excited, I dived down but they fled before I could get a shot. 5mins later it happened, a lone king swam up from the bottom and started heading off, just when I thought it was all over it turned and gave me a good broadside shot. The pranger sunk in the upper half of its body, at first it looked like I'd stoned it but as I swam to grab it- it went berserk! The pranger was just about to fall out so I grabbed the shaft and pushed it out of the water, this fish was going nowhere. I was amazed how much stamina these fish have, I tried to dispatch it so many times but it just kept on going. It was by far the best fish I've ever caught, it weighed in at 5.6kgs.

By Michael Takach

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