St George Sea Dragons


Fish of the year

Fish of the year represents the largest capture of one of the following species:

a) Kingfish (Black/Yellowtail)

b) Mulloway (Jewfish)   

c) Salmon

d) Rock Blackfish (Black Drummer)

e) Luderick

f) Yellowfin Bream

g) Flathead

h) Morwong (Red, Banded or Blue)

i) Leather Jacket

j) Easternn Rock Lobster


1: Fish of the year" is open to all grades and ages.

2: Fish must be caught between Jan 1 2007 and Dec 31 2007

3: Fish can be caught at any time Competition, Social or Private day out

-  Fish caught in a competition or on a social will automatically put on this score sheet.

Fish caught privately must be photographed and weighed on any certified scales. (Not bathroom scales)

- The photo and details must be forwarded to Laurie at: [email protected]

-  Laurie has the club scales at 36 Burleigh Ave Caringbah if you want to weigh your fish he will be happy to do it foryou and take a photo if he is home. Call him on: 95240168 or  0419 140 168.

4: The weighing of the fish must be witnessed by at least one other club member. 

5: Winners will have their names and results placed on a perpetual club trophy.(They will also receive small trophy, t shirt or certificate this is still to be decided.)

6: Laurie will do his best to keep the list up to date but as there are many competitions socials and individual days out and a lot of different fish, it is the divers responsibility if they have caught a bigger fish than listed to bring it to Laurie's attention.

7: The cut off date to tell Laurie about a bigger fish if it is not listed is January 14 2008.

8: Diver must be a current financial member of St George Speafishing Club at the time of capture.

9: In the event of a dead heat both divers will have their names put on the trophy.

10: Please check the list if you catch an exceptional fish in any of the above catagories, If you have caught a fish you think might qualify earlier in the year maybe the first day of a 2 day comp and you have the score sheet bring it to Laurie's attention. But you must have the original scoresheet.

Current trophy holder

a) Kingfish (Black/Yellowtail) - Michael Takach - 21.9kg Yellowtail Kingfish - Jervis Bay

b) Mulloway (Jewfish) - Michael Takach- 24.5kg  - South West Rocks

c) Salmon - Mark Colys - 3.175kg - Sydney Cup

d) Rock Blackfish (Black Drummer) - Rob Tienrey - 3.960kg - Kurnell

e) Luderick - Alan Birggs - 1.320kg - Narooma

f) Yellowfin Bream - Rob Tierney - 1.670kg - Wattamulla

g) Flathead - Andrew Hoystead - 3.280kg - Merries Reef

h) Morwong (Red, Banded or Blue) - Gunther Pfrengle - 2.275kg (Red Morwong) Terrigal.

i) Leather Jacket - Laurie O'Grady - 2.055kg - Botany Bay

j) Easternn Rock Lobster - Open For 2007

Largest/Most Meritorious

Note: The most meritorious fish is judged on the highest scoring fish of the year in an Australian Underwater Federation (A.U.F) competition. 

Largest Fish:

Open: Michael Takach - Mulloway - 24.5kg

Junior/Ladies: Open

Most meritorious:

Open: Mick Arentz - Blue Bar Parrot - 176pts

Junior/Ladies: Open