St George Sea Dragons


Killer Kingy's

The plot started on Friday afternoon�I had just got home from work and was wondering what kind of trouble I was going to get up too that night. Booze, girls, wild party�s, the world was my oyster. A quick check of the sea surface temp and I�ll be on my way (I said to myself�.)The image began to load: Coffs Harbour = 24c, Crowdy Head 24c, SYDNEY 24C! Party�s over.
I messaged one of the few people that gets excited by the colour orange on a map.
�Hey Judge you busy tomorrow?�
�The blue current�s in, up for a dawn dive at spot x?�
�Sounds good to me�
�Five thirty okay with you?�
With that, my plans were sorted and I was in bed by 9pm. (Party animal)
4:30am, I get a rude awakening from my alarm clock, the thought of another day at work made me hit the snooze button, just like a wounded soldier with a hit of morphine, I was in heaven. Then I remembered, it was Saturday. I sprung to life like a kingy with a spear in it ass.
It wasn�t long before I�d met up with Judge and we were geared up on the rocks, patiently waiting for the sun to make an appearance, 5:50, 6:10, 6:30, 6:50am. With just enough light we slipped into the clear blue, not quite 24c but a comfy 22c. 
On the way to our spot we each did a couple of dives to try and kick start the lungs. It was Judges 3rd dive of the morning, he was near the bottom when I see a school of kings coming up behind him, they would be within petting range in a matter of seconds and I started to dive towards him, FFTUNK! Judge nailed a good king from the school. The others in the school started to circle the wounded fish as I continued to kick towards them. FFTUNK! I hit one to call my own.
Then in an unexpected move Judges fish swims a circle around me and tangles his mono around my knife holder, my attempts to free myself prove unsuccessful as the fish tries to drag me to my watery grave. With my unopened lungs and adrenaline infused body I burn my oxygen Double-time. At this stage I was more worried that the pressure I was putting on Judges fish may cause it to tear out. That when things went from bad to worse�
Somehow my fish joins in on the tangle, I now have two extremely healthy kingfish trying to drag me to my demise, I start kicking hard for the surface, 1m up 2m down, I am stuck at 6m for 8 seconds passed my use by date.
Meanwhile Judge is on the surface trying to fight his fish through me when he notices the panic in my eyes, he dives down to try and take the weight off his fish, it seems to work as I start getting closer to the surface, 6m, 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m, 1m�..GASSSSSSP! 
Man was that breath sweet�
Finally, with the help of my good friend oxygen I was able to sort out the tangled mess and we were both able to land our fish. 
After things calmed down we both started laughing uncontrollably, we had been in the water less than ten minutes and had already landed nice fish with a story to tell. We spent a couple more hours try to better ourselves but to no avail, as the hordes of bluebottles made their appearance we decided to duck and weave our way back in.
All up a pretty exciting way to spend the morning, sure beats waking up with a hangover!

By Michael Takach

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